Venture Capital for Fraunhofer Start-ups

Managed by German Tech Transfer Management GmbH

Fund volume

EUR 60 M

FTTF is financing partner for young high-tech companies of Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

Pre-seed financing

EUR 250 K

We back start-ups in their pre-seed phase with EUR 250k for quick traction in the market.

Follow-on investments of up to


In follow-on financing rounds, we are able to provide additional funding of up to EUR 5m.


Our team has the right skills and resources to help you realize the full potential of your company



30+ years of managing Fraunhofer spin-offs and co-founding of 7 high-tech companies


Fast implementation of investments and on-site support through offices in Munich and Bonn
Fraunhofer ecosystem

Fraunhofer ecosystem

Cooperation with Fraunhofer Venture and its incubator programs AHEAD and TechBridge


Broad network of investors for follow-on financing rounds, e.g. High-Tech Gründerfonds


High-tech made in Germany


Darmstadt Graphics Group (DGG) GmbH

DGG contributes to a large-scale breakthrough of interactive 3D graphics for everyone with automated and lightning-fast solutions for 3D data optimization.
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MonitorFish GmbH

MonitorFish combines high-tech at the intersection of biology and computer science for a more sustainable future in aquaculture.
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Multiphoton Optics (MPO) GmbH

MPO will - for the first time ever - make 3D printing a competitive option for the mass production of a wide array of high-quality-low-cost micro-photonic elements.
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adiutaByte GmbH

adiutaByte shapes tour planning of tomorrow through automated, customer-centric and dynamic planning solutions for multiple sectors and use cases.
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Psoido GmbH

Psoido enables the compatibility of privacy and data analytics through a unique authentication approach for a new generation of business models.
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mondas GmbH

mondas offers an IoT platform that maximizes efficiency of decentralized plants through intelligent monitoring and predictive maintenance.
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HighLine Technology GmbH

Saving silver is worth gold! HighLine offers an extremely efficient silver printing technology for solar cells. The parallel dispensing process enables material savings, higher cell efficiencies and maximized throughput.

mecorad GmbH

Industry4.0 for the steel industry. mecorad offers a radar-based sensor solution and analytics for steel mills to enable process transparency as well as scrap waste and downtime reduction.


Matthias Keckl
Matthias KecklManaging Director

    Tobias Schwind
    Tobias SchwindManaging Director

      Johann C. Siemes
      Johann C. SiemesManaging Director

        Jörg Wamser
        Jörg WamserManaging Director

          Thong Le Hoang
          Thong Le HoangInvestment Manager

            Klaus Würtenberger
            Klaus WürtenbergerVenture Partner

              Peter Wittmann
              Peter WittmannVenture Partner


                FTTF is backed by the European Investment Fund (EIF) and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft.

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