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Female Founders: Vanessa Wolff (adiutaByte)

The number of female founders is still low (only 15.7% in 2020 according to Femalefoundermonitor). Especially deep tech start-ups need more diversity to scale up new businesses successfully. FTTF is very happy to introduce Vanessa Wolff (COO of adiutaByte) and how she is building up the start-up adiutaByte GmbH with passion.


Vanessa already dealt with the topic “force-based graph layout method for the placement of logic elements on grids with fixed environment” in her master thesis.

It was at this time that the contact to Dr. Dustin Feld was established.

Dustin’s PhD (optimization of chiplayouts) as well as Vanessa’s master thesis deal with similar topics and the idea of a collaboration matured. Vanessa put her PhD on hold and founded adiutaByte with three other founders in 2019.

Today Vanessa leads the start-up adiutaByte as COO.

“As part of the TechBridge program, we received initial support from Fraunhofer to develop the technology and we realized relatively quickly that we needed to spin out the technology. This is the only way we can offer the fleet planning solution as a service in different industries.

We then applied to participate in the Fraunhofer FDays and Innovator programs and were allowed to work on our spin-off idea and business model as part of these and were supported through various workshops and offers.

In April 2019, we finally founded the GmbH as a spin-off of Fraunhofer SCAI. Since then, FTTF has been at our side as a partner and investor. The fast and uncomplicated pre-seed funding allows us to focus 100% on our product, (while FTTF has our back)”, Vanessa Wolff, who founded the company together with Dustin Feld, Philipp Rinner and Eric Schricker, summarizes the genesis of adiutaByte.

Efficient and convenient tour planning – by using adiutaByte

Instead of conductor tracks and other components on chips, adiutaByte now optimizes the fleets of home care services, waste disposal companies and transport logistics companies.

And the demand especially in the care sector is enormous: Classical fleet planning in home care has so far been created very laboriously on magnetic boards or in Excel lists.

adiutaByte has developed a dynamic real-time optimization software to simplify this complex planning process. In an easy-to-use interface all parameters concerning fleet, employees, customers and orders are recorded.

Based on all this data, the system calculates the optimal routes, which are usually 20% below the previously planned routes and times.

In doing so, adiutaByte accesses traffic data from providers such as Google Maps or Open Streetmaps, among others, but also uses the traffic forecasts of its own AI.

Unpredictable incidents such as the breakdown of a vehicle or employees falling ill can be taken into account within seconds. With a click, adiutaByte generates an updated schedule that can be distributed directly to the employees on duty

Especially in the field of nursing, the successes are remarkable. In a special study with the aid organization “Die Johanniter” it was proven that by using adiutaByte 33% more time can be scheduled for the care of patients. This optimization brings more proximity and takes away the time pressure for patients and employees.

adiutaByte is one of the first startups supported by FTTF. As number 4, the company was added to our portfolio. So we’ve really been there from the beginning. adiutaByte is a perfect example of how a startup can build traction and momentum with a small but quick initial investment.

Founded in 2019 as a spin-off of Fraunhofer SCAI (Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing), adiutaByte now counts several companies among its customers that are considered market leaders in their segment.

Care services (MediFox)
Supply of more than 6,000 care services in DACH with a solution for optimal route planning

Subcontractor (Siemens)
Development of a platform for optimal planning of temporary workers for various large projects

Waste disposal (e.g. waste disposal Herne)
Optimization of bulky waste collection and optimal scheduling of new orders

Transport logistics (e.g. Routeique, Obstbaron)
Optimization of transport logistics for various Canadian companies in the field of food logistics

The path of adiutaByte is far from over with these fields of application. The interest in optimization solutions is enormous. Because still in many industries logistics and fleet processes are planned very complex in rigid lists.

We are very pleased to be able to accompany adiutaByte in this exciting development.

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